Chanelle Hayes blames her weight-gain on her relationship with Jack Tweed, says she turned into 'somebody who looks like they own a cake shop'

She reckons she turned into 'somebody who looks like they own a cake shop'.

Chanelle Hayes looks to be overhauling her diet and fitness regime. Copyright [FameFlynet]

Chanelle Hayes has blamed her weight gain on her on/off relationship with Jack Tweed.

She reckons that being around such turbulence caused her to overeat and thus balloon to a size 16.

Chanelle says she became an ‘emotional eater’ as her relationship with Jack teetered from break-up to make-up and back again constantly.

Jack and Chanelle first met in 2011 when Chanelle was pregnant with her first baby Blakely with footballer Matthew Bates.

They then split up three months before the birth proceeding to make-up and break-up countless more times.

These were the photos that made Chanelle want to lose weight. Copyright [FameFlynet]

Chanelle recently said that while she can’t live with Jack, she also can’t live without him.

Speaking to The Sun Chanelle says how at her heaviest (13 stone) she could polish off a large Domino's pizza, two sides of garlic bread and chicken wings before she moving on to dessert of chocolate cookies.


Speaking about those bikini pictures which prompted her to start losing weight Chanelle says:

 “I had my bikini on and this middle-aged woman looked me up and down and said, ‘Dear God’.

Since that Chanelle has vowed to lose the extra pounds.

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