Chace Crawford EXCLUSIVE: I had to teach Ed Westwick how to be a gentleman

Chace Crawford is on British soil once again, cue a stampede of single girls screaming loudly, to promote his latest film What To Expect When You're Expecting.

The last time Chace Crawford hung out in London, omg! were lucky enough to have a one-on-one with him — yep, we realise we have a cool job!

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And while we currently mourn the end of Gossip Girl we has to pose the question if his co-star and buddy, Ed Westwick ever shared any tips on being the perfect English gent.

Chace told us: "I think it's been vice versa he didn't go to college so I had to show him how to light the stove."

Aww, our Ed needed some life skills and it's so cute to hear that Chace was the man for the job.

chace crawford and ed westwickChace Crawford only has praise for his friend and co-star Ed Westwick. Copyright [WENN]

He could certainly teach some domestic survival tips, perhaps of the bedroom variety *giggles*.

While on the subject of Chace Crawford's equally as sexy co-star, Ed, he went on to praise him adding:

"Ed is great he does a great American accent too a lot of people don't realise he's from here, he's hilarious."

Erm hang on there — we certainly do know Ed is a Brit and we're mighty proud of his talents — ooh and his acting of course too.