Celebrity Big Brother’s Spencer Pratt’s phone thief tweets photos of Heidi Montag, this is starting to get creepy

We were all very confused last week when Spencer Pratt seemingly tweeted from inside  the Celebrity Big Brother house. Then we discovered that Spencer had actually lost his phone on New Year's Eve and the tweets most definitely aren't coming from him.

Spencer PrattSpencer Pratt's phone has gone missing, with an impersonator tweeting for him. Copyright [Rex]What started off as some funny tweets about poetry from 'Spencer' has now turned a bit creepy, with the phone thief deciding to tweet personal photos of Spencer's wife and Celebrity Big Brother housemate, Heidi Montag.

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Spencer Pratt's impersonator has tweeted three photos of Heidi Montag, saying that this proves it is his phone.

The person with Spencer's phone is tweeting photos of Spencer's wife, Heidi. Copyright [Spencer Pratt]The first image shows Heidi going to see the movie, The Hobbit. 'Spencer' tweeted the snap alongside the caption: "Some have suggested that this is NOT my phone. To them, I share one of the many photos of my lovely wife Heidi."

The impersonator continued: "There are many more where that came from that I could share, given the right incentives..."

The second photo of Heidi tweeted from Spencer's phone. Copyright [Spencer Pratt]They then went on to tweet a further two photos of Celebrity Big Brother's Heidi.

One shows Heidi dressed down wearing hardly any makeup and looking over her shoulder at the camera. Spencer apparently tweeted this with the caption: "Just another taste of what's on my phone. DM me with serious inquiries. Isn't Heidi so fit?! :)"

The final image showed Heidi on a plane. Copyright [Spencer Pratt]The final image is of Heidi posing on a plane, with the caption: "Another teaser taste for you, Heidi on our crosspond hop!"

Something tells us that these tweets are only going to continue. We're finding it a bit creepy now...

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