Celebrity Big Brother’s Spencer and Heidi: We didn’t bully anyone in the house, if anything we were bullied

Celebrity Big Brother runners-up Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have rubbished claims that they bullied their housemates during their time on the series.

Heidi and Spencer deny being bullies. Copyright [Rex]

Talking to omg! this morning, the couple argued that to be called a ‘bully’ was out of line and that if anything, their housemates bullied them.

Spencer told us: “In America that word is a very serious word and it shouldn’t be thrown around on television so I think that all those housemates were beyond out of line.

“We were playing a game, they all lost the plot and forgot Celebrity Big Brother is a game with winners and places 2 ,3 ,4 ,5.

“A true bully is an awful thing and there was no bullying in that house. If anything I would say we were bullied in that house but I wouldn’t go that far because it is too strong a word.”

On leaving the house, Heidi and Spencer were unanimously booed by the audience.

Spencer was a bigger fan of the boos last night than Heidi. Copyright [Rex]

While Spencer seemed to embrace this, Heidi looked uncomfortable throughout their interview with host Brian Dowling.

When asked if she enjoyed playing the villain, Heidi admitted that she wasn’t a fan.

Spencer said: “Over here in England we learned something that is now my new favourite thing called ‘Panto’. I loved Panto where as my wife…”

Heidi then continued: “I just don’t really mind either way, it’s all a game and it’s all in fun. Obviously I don’t love it but I know it’s part of the game.”

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The couple narrowly missed out on winning the series to Rylan Clark last night, however, the two believe that he was a worthy winner.

Heidi admitted: “I think that this show has been his dream for years. I think he loved the house, the actual physical house, he would live in it if he could.

“I think that he did [deserve it] and he played the game just as well as we did but in a different way. I think that he was a great, worthy winner.”


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