Celebrity Big Brother’s Rylan Clark: I didn’t want to leave the house for X Factor rehearsals

Celebrity Big Brother winner Rylan Clark has admitted that he would have preferred not to have left the house to rehearse for the X Factor tour.

Rylan is grateful that the public finally got to know the real him. Copyright [Rex]

Talking to omg! this morning, Rylan, 24, explained that he didn't see his leaving the house as a big deal.

He told us: “It was a very widely known thing. I basically got let out the house twice for two hours -obviously because of X Factor rehearsals being in January and I’m in the Celebrity Big Brother so that was a bit of an unfortunate mishap.

“If anyone thinks that I’ve had any glimpse of the outside world I was in a laundry room so I would have much rather stayed in the house.

“Honestly the fact that there are even statements about it I’m shocked. From what I’ve been told it was Kathy Beale on the Wright stuff wasn’t it?

“If Kathy Beale said it you know it weren’t a dodgy thing. Every time I went in afterwards I would be doing my routine for everyone and they would ask me if I had managed to see a wrist watch so I could set the cooker time properly!”

During his time on the show Rylan came to blows on several occasions with runners up Spencer and Heidi.

Talking about the couple, Rylan Clark believed that they had played the best game ever seen on the show in its history.

He explained: “At the end of the day Speidi played the game. If there was ever a title for who played Big Brother out of every single Big Brother I think they’ve taken the crown from Nasty Nick.

“I think they are genuinely gutted that they didn’t win. Part of me does think that they are made up that I did win because they knew how much it meant to me, I love the show so much.

“But f**k em, I won in the end.”

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When asked if he ever had to hold back during his confrontations with the couple, Rylan confessed that he would always rely on his words rather than his fists in an argument.

He said: “I’ve never ever in my life had to use my fists and everyone watching the show will realise that I can floor someone with a one liner so I think I can let my mouth do the talking from now on.”

Rylan has defended his leaving the house for X Factor rehearsals. Copyright [Rex]

Rylan also admitted that he was grateful that the public were able to see the real him as opposed to his on-stage persona.

He told us: “I’m so grateful that I’ve been able to have an opportunity like Big Brother and show myself off a stage.

“On stage to a certain extent you still put on a front. Even if you know you’re not the best or the most talented person you’ve still got to put that face on.

“So to let people see me for me just going about my day-to-day routine- aren’t I lucky?”

Yesterday, Girls Aloud tweeted that they would love to take Rylan along with them on their reunion tour.

As a lifelong fan, Rylan Clark was understandably excited to hear this.

He said: “I’ll have to check my diary but f**k everything else I want to go on tour with Girls Aloud! Oh my god could you imagine? You know what, life just gets f*****g better every day and I don’t care who knows about it!”

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