Celebrity Big Brother: Rylan Clark kicks off at ‘disgraceful’ Heidi and Spencer after they lose Claire Richards’ letter from home

Rylan Clark has slammed his fellow housemates Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt after they deliberately sabotaged the latest task.

Rylan was not amused by Speidi's behaviour. Copyright [Rex]

The celebrities were all told by Big Brother that in order to win one of their fellow housemates a letter from home they would have to successfully complete a dilemma.

Heidi and Spencer, who have been pretty much inseparable since entering the house, were tasked with not being in the same room as each in order to win Claire Richards her letter from home.

However, in true Speidi style to two point black refused to take part in task- automatically sacrificing Claire’s letter from her two children.

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Following a series of challenges, all of the other housemates won letters from their loved ones.

When Big Brother announced that Claire would not be receiving her letter, Speidi decided it the appropriate time to applaud.

Claire and Rylan were fuming with the couple. Copyright [Rex]

Seeing red, Rylan Clark then snapped at the pair: "Don't clap, that's rude, that is. You don't have to clap because someone ain't got their letter."

He then screamed: "Absolutely disgraceful!"

With all the housemates agreeing with Rylan, the gruesome twosome left the living area before bursting into hysterics in the bedroom.

They really have no shame.

Back in the living area, Rylan Clark continued to rant about the couple to his fellow housemates.

He screamed: "The British public won't keep them in after this. If you spend your money keeping them in, you're heartless."

A letter-less Claire then added: "I'll only talk to them if they talk to me, but I won't make any effort."

As a sign of protest, the housemates all agreed to no read their letters aloud.


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