Celebrity Big Brother’s Ryan Maloney: Spencer and Heidi were employed to be the bad guys and they did their job well

Celebrity Big Brother finalist Ryan Maloney has claimed that Spencer and Heidi were enlisted for this year’s show to cause controversy in the house.

Ryan believes that Speidi were employed to stir things up. [Copyright Rex]

Talking to omg! this morning, the actor said that the couple were very good at taking on the role of the bad guys.

He told us: “It was definitely awkward, they did a good job of being the baddies. They came here to do that and that’s what they did.

“Hopefully everybody enjoyed the antics and as long as the show is successful that’s the main thing.

“When Neighbours employ me to be an actor I go there to do the best job that I can and people employ these guys to be the baddie and I think they did the best that they could.”

During the series, Spencer and Heidi moaned that they were having a hard time living in the house.

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Ryan believes that this was because they live in a different world to most people.

He explained: “They’ve got a different perspective on the world. There are a lot harder things in life that they haven’t been through.

"When they were saying how hard it was being in the basement I was like, ‘really mate?' It was a heated room, they gave you food, we weren’t out in the cold and the only other thing is boredom!”

Ryan found the little things the toughest part of living in the house. Copyright [Rex]

Talking about what he found to be the toughest part of being in the Celebrity Big Brother house, Ryan explained that it was mainly the little things that got to him.

He said: “That’s just what happens when you live with other people. Just the small things like leaving milk out on the bench or someone not washing up after themselves.

“That was the toughest thing really and then of course you have Big Brother who is trying to agitate things and cause fights. All those small things add up.”

Finally Ryan said that he had made lifelong friends with Frankie Dettori and Razor Ruddock as they were all on the same wavelength.

He told us: "Frankie and Razor, those two were the people I got along best with and shared the same points of view on most things.

“I’d love to see Rylan again but I have a feeling he’s going to be a very busy man.”