Celebrity Big Brother’s Razor Ruddock: I don’t regret my Spencer and Heidi outburst

Celebrity Big Brother finalist Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock has admitted that he has no regrets about his outburst at Spencer and Heidi which resulted in the ex-footballer receiving a formal warning from Big Brother.

Razor doesn't regret standing up to Speidi. Copyright [Rex]

Talking to omg! this morning, Razor said that the couple needed to be put in their place after they stormed into the house 'all guns blazing’.

He told us: “No not at all [do I have any regrets]. They came out of the basement all guns blazing, he was pointing the finger, tried to take control and I wasn’t having it.

“I put them in their place and there was no arguments after that.

“He [Spencer] wanted to be the baddie, the nasty housemate. He tried to bully Rylan and he tried to bully Ryan and I was bored of it by then so I tried to straighten everything out.

"It’s like when I played football and in the dressing room two lads argue- you’ve got to step in and stop it, and it worked."

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Razor also explained that because of the incident, he and Rylan Clark formed a close bond.

He said:“I wanted to protect him because they were trying to bully him but I think he was doing well standing up for himself, they went too far and got nasty. I think he appreciated it.

"It could have been anyone of them [the housemates] the way Speidi were. They were over enthusiastic with their arguments. I think we bonded after that, we got really close.”

Razor admits that Spedi were nicer at the after party. Copyright [Rex]

Asked if he noticed a change in Heidi and Spencer after the show was finished, Razor admitted that he had.

He explained: “When we were having a drink last night, the game was over and we were outside the house, they are alright.

“The game was up so they didn’t have to pretend, they even let me shake their hands last night which is unbelievable. I think that was the first time I touched them!”


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