Celebrity Big Brother’s Paula Hamilton suggests eviction will lead her to suicide, we’re seriously worried

Paula Hamilton seems to have struggled with living in the Celebrity Big Brother house from day one, but it's reached a point where we're more than a bit worried.

Paula HamiltonPaula Hamilton seems to be having a meltdown in the CBB house. Copyright [Rex]Last night, Paula Hamilton made a series of shocking comments to her Celebrity Big Brother housemates, including a suggestion that if she's evicted this week she could turn to suicide.

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The former model opened up to her Celebrity Big Brother housemate Lacey Banghard, telling her the thought of being evicted was unbearable.

Paula Hamilton said: "It's the worst thing for my career to be first out. It’ll finish me off. Flat out. Gone. So pass me the razor blades. Just pass me the razor blades. I know what the public are like."

Paula HamiltonPaula Hamilton has spoken about suicide. Copyright [Rex]She continued: "Frankie is loved. And Heidi and Spencer say they want to go but I know how the public work. They think: 'Haha, they want to go out. We’re gonna keep them in."

"I don't know what to do with myself. I feel like smashing my way out. I feel unsafe in here. There's some really weird people out there man.I don't know if I'm gonna get blown up any moment"

However, Paula's shocking comments about suicide didn't end there. She went on to suggest that Big Brother killed Jade Goody, who died from cervical cancer in 2009.

Jade GoodyPaula also claimed that Big Brother killed Jade Goody. Copyright [Rex]Paula said: "I wonder how many people have committed suicide after being on these programmes? It’s torture. It killed Jade. All that negativity did that. I think it gave her cancer."

What's more concerning is that Paula failed the Big Brother psychological test three years ago and has attempted suicide in the past.

These aren't the first controversial comments that Paula has made since entering Celebrity Big Brother either.

She was reprimanded the other day for comparing the Big Brother basement with an Auschwitz concentration camp.

We think Paula needs to leave the house as soon as possible.

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