Celebrity Big Brother’s Paula Hamilton claims Sam Robertson is gay, Rylan might be in luck after all

During the face-to-face nominations on Celebrity Big Brother, Rylan jokingly told Sam Robertson that one of his reasons for nominating him was because he was straight. However, if Paula Hamilton is to be believed, Rylan may still be in with a chance. *Giggles*

Paula Hamilton and Sam RobertsonPaula Hamilton has accused Sam Robertson of being a 'closet queen'. Copyright [Rex]Last night, Celebrity Big Brother evictee Paula Hamilton shockingly claimed that Sam Robertson is a 'closet queen' during an appearance on Celebrity Big Brother's Bit on the Side.

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Paula Hamilton said Sam Robertson was a 'closet queen,' before saying: "He needs to come out, he's gay."

Rylan Clark nominating Sam RobertsonRylan jokingly nominated Sam because he was straight. Copyright [Rex]Excuse us whilst we pick up our jaws from the floor. That's quite an accusation, Paula.

The eccentric former model was known - and indeed nominated - for her wild stories and opinions, and we're assuming that this latest comment about Sam is just another example. She did also claim that her coconut, Boris, is her 'gay best friend' and fancied Sam.

Err, right.

Sam Robertson was chatting Lacey Banghard upSam Robertson was chatting Lacey Banghard up within minutes of entering the CBB house. Copyright [Rex]After all, within minutes of entering the Celebrity Big Brother house, Sam Robertson was trying his luck with Lacey Banghard (yep, that name is still making us laugh.)

Sitting in the smoking area, Sam asked Lacey if she was single adding that he 'technically' was too. Whatever that means.

We wonder what good old Rylan makes of this whole situation.