Celebrity Big Brother: Lacey Banghard slams Heidi and Spencer, brands them ‘the evil troll couple’

Celebrity Big Brother evictee Lacey Banghard has slammed couple Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt since watching the two bad mouth her on last night’s episode.

Lacey has slammed Heidi and Spencer. Copyright [Rex]

The model took to Twitter to vent her anger at the two, branding the husband and wife as ‘the evil troll couple’.

Don’t hold back Lacey!

She wrote: “Cannot wait to see @heidimontag bitch is going down!! #CBB sad that I even trusted the evil troll couple!! #spidiculous”

We hope Lacey realises that Heidi will probably see this once she’s out after tagging her official Twitter handle in the tweet.

During last night’s episode, which recapped Wednesday’s happenings in the house, Lacey approached the couple prior to her eviction.

Lacey told couple that they could be a risk of leaving because viewers may find their constant sleeping ‘boring'.

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Not taking nicely to criticism (there’s a shock) Heidi and Spencer proceeded to snipe about the model after she left the room.

Heidi and Spencer bad mouthed Lacey last night. Copyright [Channel 5]

Heidi told Spencer: “I love that she thinks we’re going home..she’s like a throwaway.”


That’s enough to get anyone’s back up.

Lacey Banghard previously told omg! that she questioned the trust in Heidi and Spencer’s relationship after Heidi flew off the handle when Lacey decided to shower naked.

She told us: "I was a bit confused. The way they seemed so in love and they've been through so much you would kind of think that something as little as me frickin getting into a shower would bother them.

"The worst thing was that I came out [the shower], I'm fuming because she bl***dy took my towel, I had no idea what is going on and then she's having a go at me!

"I was like, Spencer wasn't even in the frickin bathroom when I got naked and I was having a shower."


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