Celebrity Big Brother: Lacey Banghard and Heidi Montag can’t keep their clothes on, someone turn the heating down

We are starting to think that the Celebrity Big Brother house must need the heating turned down after it would seem that half the housemates just can't seem to keep their clothes on.

Lacey and Heidi just can't seem to keep their clothes on. Copyright: [Channel5/rex]

Well, two of the female housemates in particular.

Yep, Heidi Montag and Lacey Banghard seem to be engaged in some sort of battle of the smalls as they compete to spend as much time as possible in as LESS as possible.

Lacey taking a dip in the hot tub. Copyright: [Channel 5]

Although, as we have said before - Lacey is a Page 3 model so it's basically like she is giving an in house complimentary demonstration of how great she is at her job.

Clever, really.

Lacey whipped off her skirt about one minute after entering the house! Copyright: [Channel 5]

However, we have to admit, we were quite shocked when Heidi Motag stripped down to her bikini pretty much seconds after being moved to the main house from the basement.

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Heidi's boobs are absolutely HUGE.

Heidi taking a dip in the bath. Copyright: [Channel 5]

Then again this is the woman who had ten plastic surgery procedures in one day and by the looks of things the majority of that plastic was stuffed into her chest.

Last night's episode made us think, remember when Heidi looked like this:

Heidi looked quite different back in 2006. Copyright: [rex]

Yeah, we kind of miss her.

Meanwhile, it's quite the opposite down in the basement where Razor Ruddock is STILL wearing his trusty suit and fit Sam is STILL in his kilt.

Things must be getting pretty pongy down there, we must say.

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