Celebrity Big Brother: Lacey Banghard gets NAKED, Heidi Montag goes mental

We know that Heidi Montag is a bit possessive of her husband Spencer Pratt, but her outburst on last night's Celebrity Big Brother took things to a whole new level.

Lacey Banghard's nakedness angered Heidi MontagLacey Banghard's nakedness angered Heidi Montag. Copyright [Rex]

Heidi Montag completely lost it after she found out that Lacey Bangard had been showering NAKED whilst Spencer Pratt had been in the room.

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Lacey was completely naked as she stepped into the shower, but in her defence she was covered mostly by the frosted door.

Heidi Montag was fuming after Lacey's naked display. Copyright [Channel 5]However, Heidi caught one glimpse of Lacey's naked body and FLIPPED OUT.

Heidi ranted: "You're not wearing anything in there?"

Lacey replied: "Sometimes you forget to get your bikini and stuff, it doesn't feel normal."

Spencer PrattSpencer Pratt just seemed to find the whole thing amusing. Copyright [Channel 5]However, Heidi wasted no time in telling Spencer that they would not be returning to the bathroom whilst Lacey was starkers.

The Hills star said: "Lacey's naked, we're not going back in there. That is super inappropriate. I don't really care but I don't want to be around it. Do what you want to do, but not around me and my husband. That's fighting talk where I come from."

Oh Gawd.

Spencer, who was smirking, then began to defend Lacey Banghard, saying: "It's not as if she actually got naked in the bathroom. If it was a clear shower, maybe it's a big deal. I'm sure other people are showering naked."

We're a bit concerned we're actually siding with Spencer on this one.

Heidi Montag's tirade didn't end there, though. She continued: "I need to get out of here, no sane person should be living like this.'"

Oh dear.