Celebrity Big Brother: Heidi and Spencer refuse ANOTHER task; Big Brother takes away their bed

Heidi and Spencer have refused to take part in yet another group task, resulting in the pair being punished by Big Brother.

Heidi and Spencer received a very fitting punishment. Copyright [Rex]

For this week’s shopping task, the housemates were split into two teams.

Boys vs. Girls.

However, rather than pass the time away doing something fun with their fellow housemates, Heidi and Spencer refused to participate.

This resulted in two things.

The first was a rather fitting punishment for the gruesome twosome.

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As they decided to lie in bed all day rather than taking part in the house activities, Big Brother took away their bed.

We can safely assume, the two were less than happy about this.

Unlike us, who find the punishment wholly amusing.

The second thing that happened was that thanks to the Heidi not taking part, the teams were unevenly matched with just Claire and Tricia taking on Razor, Ryan, Rylan and Frankie.

As a result, Razor donned his favourite dress and make-up to become an honourary girl.

Razor took one for the team. Copyright [rex]

In a nutshell: terrifying.

All this week we have been running a poll regarding what YOU thought of Spencer and Heidi.

And the results are pretty damning.

A huge 57% admitted that you couldn’t stand the two and want to see them get the boot next.

25% of you decided that although the two weren’t particularly nice, they should stay for the entertainment value they bring.

Which meant that just 18% of readers want Heidi and Spencer to stay because they love them.

Things aren’t looking too great for their survival come tomorrow’s eviction then.

Not that the two will particularly mind, they don’t exactly seem to being loving the whole CBB experience.


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