Celebrity Big Brother’s Heidi and Spencer forget their no PDA rule, have a giant snog

Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt had their housemates baffled by their lack of open affection. However, when they were confronted about it, Speidi said they weren't kissing out of respect to the other housemates.

Spencer and HeidiSpencer and Heidi got all touchy feely last night. Copyright [Channel 5]But it seems that Heidi and Spencer have ditched their no PDA rule. During last night's Celebrity Big Brother eviction show they did more kissing and hugging than we've ever seen.

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After they found out they were safe from eviction, we spotted Heidi and Spencer having a huge hug and kiss whilst Lacey Banghard said goodbye to her CBB housemates.

However, Heidi and Spencer didn't stop there. New stills from tonight's episode of Celebrity Big Brother show the couple having a full on SNOG.

Speidi then went and had a giant snog. Copyright [Channel 5]One photo shows Speidi kissing in the middle of the kitchen, (awkwardly right in front of Gillian and Tricia,) with Heidi clutching Spencer's head and shoulders.

Another still shows Heidi kissing Spencer's neck. Errr, we REALLY didn't really need to see that.

Heidi and SpencerHeidi and Spencer were visibly elated to be saved this week. Copyright [Channel 5]We're not sure why Speidi have decided to get all touchy feely, maybe it's just part of their game plan, but we reckon it probably has a lot to do with their utter joy at not being evicted.

Another shot from tonight's episode shows Heidi and Spencer sitting in the Diary room looking absolutely elated following Lacey's eviction.

And we have to say we're chuffed that they're still in the house. We just hope they don't go any further than kissing in their PDAs.