Celebrity Big Brother final 2014: Jim Davidson or Ollie Locke? Perhaps Luisa Zissman? Who SHOULD win?

The final is tonight and Team omg! know exactly who will be getting their vote. We don't agree, naturally. So who is voting for who and more importantly, who do you agree with?

omg!’s Nikki is voting Sam Faiers:

Sam Faiers has got Nikki's vote. Copyright: [Channel 5/omg]Vote for Sam, it's only Faiers

Nikki says: "She might have started off in the humble streets of Essex, coming across as that bitchy orange girl who dumped TV's most loveable lothario.

But Sam Faiers has been nothing but sickly sweet on CBB.

While the majority of housemates have spent their time crying and whining about having too much toilet sex or spouting various feminism rants (all the while bitching about their fellow female companions), Sam has remained honest and dignified from day one.

From admitting she set up her own nudist beach publicity pap pictures, to spending the majority of her time in the house make-up free, she's that rare form of girls' girl, always backing up her fellow female housemates and remaining fiercely loyal throughout.

Last but not least, despite being struck down by a vicious mystery illness that could have cost her prime viewing time and saw her rushed to hospital, she still managed to file her column for OK! Magazine. Dedication, people, dedication."

omg!’s Amy is voting for Luisa:

"If you like pizza, vote Luisa!'Amy is voting Luisa. Copyright: [Channel 5/omg!]

Amy says: "I’m going to tell this like it is because that’s just how I am: Luisa Zissman needs to win CBB.

Admit it – the house would be a very boring place without Luisa and her perpetually yet inexplicably erect nipples.

She ACTUALLY  doesn’t care what people think of her and isn’t out to please anyone, she doesn’t take any sh*t and genuinely has a good sense of humour, we DEFO want her to be our friend.

She says what she thinks and stands by her convictions – but doesn’t hold grudges, she’s certainly not embittered like Linda Nolan.

Plus, she encourages Dappy to get his willy out, which is nice isn’t it? And she has GREAT hair.

And importantly, Luisa also was the housemate who told Lee Ryan how much of a spanner he was being re: the whole Casey and Jasmine debacle.

Finally, she’s the best thing to come out of St. Albans since 1/3 of Bananarama, Enter Shikari and perhaps even the Romans who founded the great city."

*However, if I can’t sway you with my Luisa love then Casey should win because she had to snog Lee Ryan and that deserves serious compensation, monetary or otherwise.

omg!’s Ellie is voting Casey Batchelor:

Ellie is voting for Casey. Copyright: [Channel 5/omg!]"For something a bit racy, vote for Casey"

Ellie says: "Casey began the CBB series a firm favourite after she fell for and then proceeded to be screwed over by Lee Ryan.

As she sobbed into the Diary Room chair after witnessing him dry hump Jasmine Waltz in front of her, we wanted to reach into the screen, and her a glass of wine and tell her she’d be OK just like we would one of our mates.

Casey may have frustrated viewers with her obsession with Lee, continually hopping into his bed for ‘friend cuddles’ while he was busy slagging her off behind her back.

But who couldn’t be moved by her reaction to her mum telling her that Lee had ‘mugged her off,’ as the stomach-churning realisation that she’d been made to look a bit of a fool set in?

Casey has been one-third of the Lee Ryan based love triangle, which has arguably been the most interesting storyline on Celebrity Big Brother this year.

Without her we wouldn’t have had tears, we wouldn’t have had snogging, we wouldn’t have had Lee going to the loo to relieve himself. We wouldn’t have been shouting blue murder at the TV as he continually denied doing ANYTHING wrong.

Don’t decide to withhold your vote for Casey based on the fact that she took a love rat back. Let’s face it, most of us girls have been in a situation where we’ve been utterly messed about by a guy. It’s just that for most of us, it’s not broadcast on national TV."

omg!’s Julia is voting Ollie Locke:

"Ollie is the key to our Locke"Julia is voting Ollie. Copyright: [Channel 5/omg!]

Julia says: "Pinkie rings at the ready, expensive champers on ice because Ollie Locke is all set to be crowed Celebrity Big Brother 2014 winner – and so he BLADDY should be.

The Made In Chelsea sweetie endeared himself to the hearts of the nation from the moment he walked into the house, dripping with fake tan and grinning that white toothy grin.

Despite fearing he might be a stuck-up posho, Ols instantly made us want to be his BFF by acting with wisdom, grace and kindness throughout his time in the house (and boy were there some displays of selfishness, anger and sluttery for him to contend with).

Despite befriending pretty much the whole gang, it has been Ollie's friendship with Sam Faiers that has really made our hearts do a little melting thing – with it becoming more and more obvious how smitten he is with her. We can't bear to see those sad little eyes when she doesn't quite reciprocate.

A true mark of his greatness – his only real argument in the house (with Luisa and Linda) came from a load of tactical, jealous voting and finger pointing from a bunch of girls who are too badly behaved to see just what a good egg he is. Some people just don't want to wave handbags around ALL THE TIME, OK Luisa?

Long live Mr Locke!"

*PS he has sported an amazing array of loungewear too.

omg!’s Jenny is voting Dappy:

Jenny is voting for Dappy! Copyright: [omg!/Channel 5]"Don't be sappy, vote for Dappy"

Jenny says: "Dappy might be a man of diminutive stature but apparently he's also a man with a huge *ahem* heart. The N-Dubz star has really shown us his softer side during his time in the CBB house, through his blossoming friendships with Lee, Ollie and unlikely new BFF Jim Davidson, proving that he's really just a big ol' sweetheart.

But the cheeky star hasn't shied away from a little bit of raunch. At every possible opportunity, the rapper has tried to let every women in the house know just how big his manhood is – because, if you've got it flaunt it right, Daps? But while he did manage to poke Jasmine in the back with his, erm, third arm, and run around the garden naked – Dappy has remained a gentleman (of sorts), by restraining himself from indulging in any ACTUAL saucy antics. We're looking at you, Lee.

And let us not forget where Dappy's true talent lies – in his MUSIC, yeah?! Who else could do a freestyle rap about ice cream, pizza and fake tan and actually make it work? He's a cross between Eminem and T.S Eliot – and I predict the next true lyrical genius of our generation. Also, he has a big penis.

Vote for Dappy."

omg!’s Chris is voting Jim Davidson:

Don't be dim, vote for Jim!Chris is voting for Jim! Copyright [Channel 5/omg!]

Chris says: "I didn’t like Jim when he entered the house. Or, more accurately, I didn’t want to.

His controversial history of racism, misogyny and homophobia didn’t exactly put him at the top of my list of celebs this year I wanted to see win.

However, three weeks on and I’m championing Jim Davidson to win.

While he may have had his moments (the less we say about Frank Carson’s dressing room the better), Jim has proved that he is in fact a kind, likeable and surprisingly stoic housemate.

His fights with Linda Nolan demonstrated him to be level headed in the face of her uncalled for verbal attacks.

Casey Batchelor’s desperate Lee dramas showed off his softer, paternal side while his affection for Dappy has be strangely touching to watch.

He’s even made peace with and won over firecracker Luisa Zissman after their numerous heated arguments over his supposed sexist comments.

Jim has put up with a heck of a lot of flack in that house but never held a grudge. He is, surprisingly, a good guy.

So vote for Jim Davidson as your unlikely winner of Celebrity Big Brother 2014. He’s certainly earned it."

Who: Sam Faiers
Famous for: Starring in reality show The Only Way Is Essex
Most likely to: Give everyone in the house a Vajazzle and spill the beans on her relationship with co-star ex-boyfriend and I'm... more 
Who: Sam Faiers
Famous for: Starring in reality show The Only Way Is Essex
Most likely to: Give everyone in the house a Vajazzle and spill the beans on her relationship with co-star ex-boyfriend and I'm A Celebrity contestant Joey Essex. less 
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