Celebrity Big Brother’s Claire Richards: I’ve either made a lifelong friend out of Rylan Clark or lifelong stalker!

Celebrity Big Brother finalist Claire Richards has joked that she has either made a lifelong friend out of Rylan Clark or potentially a lifelong stalker.

Claire isn't sure if Rylan is her friend or a her stalker! Copyright [Rex]

Talking to omg! this morning, the singer quipped that her friendship with the Celebrity Big Brother winner could be interpreted in two ways.

She told us: Yeah I think so [that he’ll be a friend for life], or stalker I’m not quite sure which yet.

“He said he’ll stalk me when we got out. He said I’ll be sitting at home and he’ll be in the garden with a fishing rod pretending to be a gnome.

“Me and Rylan had a day where we went through every Steps album. And he sang all the words to every song back to me that I didn’t even know!”

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When asked if she would ever consider recording a song with Rylan, Claire admitted that she would be up for the challenge.

She said: “We did joke about it and talked about it in the house but I don’t know- it would be lovely.

“Regardless of what anybody said about him on X Factor he can sing and he is a good singer. I hope he gets a chance to prove to everybody what he can do and I think they will be surprised.

“Whether or not this will include me who knows, but I would be honoured.”

Claire holds no ill feelings toward Speidi...yeah right... Copyright [Rex]

One of the big talking points of Celebrity Big Brother this year was when Heidi and Spencer declined to take part in a task full well knowing that this would result in Claire not receiving her much wanted letter from home.

Talking about the couple and the incident, Claire admits that she doesn’t hold a grudge.

She explained: “They had obviously gone in there for a reason to play the game and they played it very, very well.

“I still do not know who are the real Heidi and Spencer. And I don’t know which parts were real and which weren’t.

“I don’t have any hard feelings or bare any grudges against them. I don’t know if I’ll be going out of my way to see or ever speak to them again though!”


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