Celebrity Big Brother’s Cheryl Fergison: I had a sixth sense it would be me

When ex-Eastenders actress Cheryl Fergison was announced as the second person to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house last night we have to admit we were more than a little bit shocked.

Cheryl Fergison became the second housemate to be evicted last night. [Copyright Channel 5]

The happy-go-lucky actress seemed to be a safe bet to stay over the nice but dull Prince Lorenzo.

Talking exclusively to omg! this morning, Cheryl admitted that she had a feeling it was her time to leave.

She told us: "I had this sixth sense that it would be me, I don't know why but I get these funny psychic feelings. But when I heard the crowd response after Brian spoke to the house I thought that it doesn't matter because the cheers are lovely."

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During her time in the house, Cheryl was close with sparring housemates Coleen Nolan and Julie Goodyear. With Coleen sure that Julie is playing a game, we wanted to know if Cheryl felt the same way now she has had time to reflect.

Cheryl admitted: "I think she has been quite clever, she does make you feel like you are her good friend and I think that she is doing that with everybody."

"If she is playing a game then she is an incredibly good actress. I actually thought that she did like me so if she does then that's genuinely nice and if she doesn't then she's very clever."

Cheryl chats to Brian Dowling in her post eviction interview after a positive crowd reception. [Copyright Channel …

Both Danica and Rhian have been accused of leading some of their male housemates on, something that Cheryl didn't approve on when inside the house.

She explained: "There were people with hidden agenda's definitely; the girls upset me a bit because they were teasing the boy- they were like little puppies running around."

"Considering they are not that young, they are in their mid twenties upward...I felt that there was quite an immaturity about them."

On the negative reception both Coleen and Lorenzo received last night, Cheryl admitted that she was shocked by the boos.

"I have to say I was quite surprised at both of them because neither have done anything that I would consider to be bad, there were other people who have done worse things but obviously they weren't up."

Now that Cheryl has left the show she is hoping to pursue a career in documentary film making, craftily using the power of subliminal clothing to lure in potential television producers whilst living in the house.

She confessed: "I kept wearing shorts in the house to look like David Attenborough hoping that people might get the hint that I might want to do [documentaries]!"