Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Rylan Clark leads housemates to task victory, YOU want Speidi OUT tonight

Yesterday, Big Brother set housemates their weekly shopping task, ‘The Regime,’ in which Frankie Dettori was appointed house dictator.

Rylan led a revolution against Frankie's regime to win the task. Copyright [Rex]

Wearing a comically large hat and escorted at all times by ‘heavies’ Razor and Ryan, Frankie was in charge of dishing out strict orders and punishments to the housemates.

We very much doubt Spencer and Heidi enjoyed that.

However, in order to pass the task the housemates were secretly told by Big Brother that they had to successfully overthrow Dictator Frankie.

And who better to lead a revolution than Rylan Clark?

Frankie and his heavies. Copyright [Channel 5]

After managing to complete various undercover operations such as defacing the Dictator's banners, blowing up a statue of Frankie and tapping his personal phone- Rylan and his fellow revolutionists completed the task by successfully capturing Frankie in a net during his speech about the regime.

Up the revolution!

Moving onto tonight’s impending eviction and it seems that you guys have a very clear opinion of who should get the boot.

No prizes for guessing who we’re afraid.

Yes, a huge 53% of you at the time of publishing this article wanted to see Spencer and Heidi be turfed out of the house following endless days of moaning and sniping about their fellow housemates.

You want Speidi to leave tonight. Copyright [Channel 5]

Lacey Banghard was a distant second on 23% while current favourite to win the series Rylan Clark came in third with 13%.

Clearly there are still a lot of avid Steps fans out there with Claire Richards polling the least votes at 11%.

However, you may think that Speidi will get the chop tonight but bookmakers have other thoughts.

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Glamour model Lacey Banghard is currently the bookies favourite to leave with Claire Richards a close second.

And with rumours of tonight’s eviction being a double, could Speidi actually avoid eviction yet again?

Tune in to Channel 5 tonight at 9pm when all will be revealed.

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