Celebrity Big Brother 2013 rumoured housemates: Rylan Clark, Lindsay Lohan and Jim Davidson

Get ready to say goodbye to the next three weeks of your life as the latest series of Celebrity Big Brother returns tonight.

Who will be going into the house tonight? Copyright [Channel 5]

Now much like every year, the rumour mill as to who will be going in has gone into over drive.

The usual set of famous faces has of course been linked to the show including soap stars, TV talent show contestants and a smattering of outlandish claims.

So here are the famous (and not so famous) housemates who have been linked to the show so far.

Rylan Clark
Rylan Clark could win Celebrity Big Brother. Copyright [Rex]

Controversial but ultimately loveable X Factor contestant Rylan has been linked to CBB since finishing in fifth place on the TV talent show. His witty one liners and outrageous fashion sense will be great viewing and is already an early favourite to win if he enters the house.

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay's appearance in the UK has sparked rumours of CBB participation. Copyright [Wenn]

Every year without fail the ‘Lindsay Lohan is going into the CBB house’ rumour is batted about. However, this year the possibility that she will be going in has increased due to her altogether random appearance in London a few days ago. With Lindsay still in the capital, could her trip really have something to do with entering the house?

Jim Davidson

Jim was hotly tipped to go in. Copyright [Wenn]

Initially it was a full drawn conclusion that Jim Davidson would be going into the house tonight. Host Brian Dowling even admitted that he would have to act professionally around Jim following their fall out on Hell’s Kitchen a few years back. However, after being arrested by the police who are investigating the Jimmy Saville case, Jim probably won’t be going in tonight.

Claire Richards

Would it be a tragedy is Claire went in tonight? Copyright [Wenn]

Despite a successful comeback with pop band Steps, Claire Richards has been hotly tipped to enter the house tonight. But don’t let her cheesy pop past fool you, Claire was extremely instrumental in splitting up the band and is a woman who knows what she wants. We think she could be one of this year’s best contestants if she goes in tonight.

Katie Price
Katie probably won't be going in tonight. [Copyright Rex]

This one now looks like a long shot. Glamour model and reality TV veteran Katie Price was hotly tipped to appear alongside her BFF Rylan. However, with the model and Channel 5 now denying her participation, we very much doubt we’ll be seeing the Pricey enter tonight.

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag

Could Speidi be spending the next three weeks in the house? Copyright [Wenn]

They’ve already been spotted touching down in London so it’s pretty much a full blown conclusion that reality TV junkies Spencer and Heidi Pratt will be going in tonight. ‘The Hills’ stars have done their fair share of reality shows- including the US version of ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here’- and are known for their altogether outrageous behaviour.

Lacey Banghard

Lacey will probably be going in tonight. Copyright [Wenn]

Like Danica Thrall and Bobby Sabel before her, model Lacey Banghard will be this year’s relatively unknown housemate. The page three model is one of the latest additions to the rumored line up and with her level of celebrity being so obscure we reckon she’s a dead cert to go in. Oh and yes, that is her real surname.

See who is going in tonight when Celebrity Big Brother returns tonight at 9pm on Channel 5.