Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Heidi and Spencer return to the house, all hell breaks loose

After spending 48 hours watching their fellow housemates from the basement, Heidi and Spencer finally returned to the main Celebrity Big Brother house on Friday night.

Speidi came back with a bang. Copyright [Rex/Channel 5]

And they most certainly came back with an almighty bang.

After it was revealed to the main house that Spencer and Heidi had been watching their every move, the celebrity housemates looked on nervously as ‘The Hills’ stars were told to nominate the two most boring housemates to automatically face the public vote.

The couple picked Rylan Clark, claiming that he had been playing up to the camera’s while choosing Claire based on their opinion that she was the ‘dullest and least interesting housemate’.

An angry Rylan then told his housemates: “Playing up to the cameras, that is b*****ks mate, wait until you walk in, f**k off back to America.”

Almost immediately after the couple returned, Heidi and Spencer became embroiled in the mother of all fights with The X Factor star.

Rylan becmae upset as he fought with Speidi. Copyright [Rex/Channel 5]

An irate Rylan shouted at the couple “Do you think I’m playing up to the cameras?”

To which Spencer replied: “100 percent,” Rylan then retorted: “Then you need to get f**king glasses mate, I’m not playing up to one f**king camera.”

As the argument grew more heated, Spencer claimed that Rylan couldn’t be a normal person and that his personality was all an act.

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An infuriated Rylan then told Spencer: . “I am a normal person mate, I live in the f**king real world, I don’t know where the f**k you live, if you think I’m being false then don’t talk to me, I live in the real world, not this fake f**king world!”

Later on in the evening, actor Ryan Maloney quipped that he thought it odd that the couple didn’t kiss each other, asking why this was.

Not taking kindly to the Aussie’s comment, Spencer launched into a verbal attack on Ryan, mimicking his accent.

He said: “I don’t even need to answer you on that, that’s not even funny….You should mind your business and we’ll mind ours.”

Not liking what he was seeing, Neil ‘Razor’ Ruddock lost his temper, jumping up from his seat and yelling at Spencer to stop bullying people in the house.

Razor lost his temper with the couple. Copyright [Rex/Channel 5]

A stunned Heidi and Spencer looked on as Rylan defused the situation by taking Razor outside to calm down.

Deciding enough was enough, the couple took to the Diary room demanding to speak to the executive producer of the show and to their lawyer.

Calm down guys, this was nothing compared to ‘fight night’ in Big Brother five.

Big Brother then told the couple that they could spend the night back in the basement to allow the situation to calm itself down.

Later on, Razor was called to the Diary and given a formal warning for his threatening behaviour, something he agreed with and apologised for.

The aftermath of the fight airs tonight on Channel 5 at 9pm.

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