Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt successfully stage walkout, Sam Robertson and Ryan Maloney nominated for eviction

To say that last night was an eventful evening in the Celebrity Big Brother house would be somewhat of an understatement.

Heidi and Spencer 'walked out' and are now spying on their housemates. Copyright [Rex/Channel 5]

Moments after Paula Hamilton became the first famous face to be evicted from the house, Big Brother threw a spanner in the works for the celebrity housemates.

Following their survival of the first eviction, Big Brother called Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag to the Diary room and informed them that in order to win immunity from the next eviction they would have to stage a walk out.

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On hearing the news, Spencer and Heidi were more than up for the challenge, leaving the Diary room and instantly informing their fellow housemates that they wanted out.

Heidi told her housemates: "We can't do this anymore," before the two left through the Diary room, seemingly for good.

Only Rylan Clark seemed to suspect something was up quipping: "On the plus side, at least you haven't go to pack again."

Moving into the newly refurbished basement, Heidi and Spencer are now living in the lap of luxury- while watching their housemates every move on a plasma screen.

Sam and Ryan will face the chop on Friday. Copyright [Channel 5]

But Big Brother didn’t stop there- revealing to the remaining housemates that they would have to take part in face to face nominations.

After an awkward round of nominations actors Sam Robertson and Ryan Maloney received the most votes each, garnering six and five noms respectively.

The two will now go head to head in Friday’s live eviction.

Sam, who let’s face it hasn’t really done an awful lot since entering the house, is currently the bookies favourite to get the boot.