Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Heidi Montag gets jealous of Lacey Banghard after she gets up close and personal with husband Spencer on latest task

The Celebrity Big Brother housemates have been given their first shopping task and already one celebrity has kicked off.

Heidi couldn't bare the thought of Spencer getting close with Lacey. Copyright [Channel 5]

No prizes for guessing who.

That’s right,  Heidi Montag has taken umbrage with Page Three model Lacey Banghard after she was forced to get a lot closer to husband Spencer Pratt than ‘The Hills’ star would have liked.

As part of the ‘Against the Odds’ task, the group were sat at a long table and told to pass a selection of items along the row using only their mouths.

Items included a muddy boot, a pig’s ear and a fermented egg- lovely.

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With Lacey being sat next to Spencer Pratt, all it would take was one slip for the pair to be accidentally end up locking lips.

According to the show’s official Twitter feed, the thought of Lacey and Spencer getting up close and personal was too much to handle for Heidi, leading to the reality star breaking down in tears.

Come on Heidi, this isn't exactly the most romantic of situations. Copyright [Channel 5]

The feed tweeted: "Drama alert. Heidi's crying because Spencer's next to Lacey for #CBBpassthepass meaning they could end up mouth on mouth. #CBB (sic)"

We can sort of see her point but at the end of the day, it’s just a task.

But if Heidi Montag thought she had it bad, perhaps she should spare a thought for poor Claire Richards.

The Steps singer was forced to endure her band’s hit ‘5,6,7,8’ on loop for as long as she could.

The longer she listened for, the more passes she earned for the group.

Well, she did inflict the song on the world so maybe this is simply payback.

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