Celebrity Big Brother 2012: MC Harvey talks Alesha Dixon divorce, we love her more

Since MC Harvey and Alesha Dixon divorced in 2006, neither of them has divulged many details.

MC HarveyMC Harvey opened up about his divorce from Alesha to his Celebrity Big Brother housemates. Copyright [Channel  …However, now that MC Harvey is appearing on Celebrity Big Brother, he's decided to spill the beans about his split from Alesha Dixon.

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Harvey was hanging out in the Celebrity Big Brother garden with fellow housemates Danica Thrall and Jasmine Lennard, when he began to speak about the aftermath of his affair.

Harvey famously cheated on Alesha Dixon with Javine Hylton, and he said that Alesha handled the whole thing surprisingly well.

MC Harvey and Alesha DixonMC Harvey and Alesha Dixon were together for five years and married for a year before he cheated. Copyright [R …Harvey revealed: "Since the day that I actually got divorced there's never been one cross word or beef. I got off lightly, she dealt with it graciously."

He's right about that, Alesha's never spoken badly of Harvey - which is more than could be said for us if we'd gone through the same ordeal.

He continued: "What made it worse is when she went: 'I'll take what's mine and you take what's yours and get out of my life,' and I was like: 'Oh!"'

MC Harvey and Javine HyltonMC Harvey and Javine Hylton went on to have a baby together, before splitting because he cheated. Copyright [W …

MC Harvey went on to say that Alesha Dixon was a committed and loyal wife: "I was that girl's world. Her eyes didn't go left her eyes didn't go right; I was her man, I was her husband."

He added: "I regret the pain that I caused. I lied to God as we got married in a church."

The whole conversation has made us love Alesha even more. We wonder whether MC Harvey will expose any more details about their marriage before Celebrity Big Brother is over?