Celebrity Big Brother: Jasmine Waltz looks unrecogniseable in photos taken from BEFORE she was famous

Talk about a change!

Jasmine Waltz looked very different back in 2004! Copyright: [Splash]
Jasmine Waltz looks a world away from her old pictures.

Last night on Celebrity Big Brother Jasmine Waltz told Liz Jones that she ‘can’t help the way she looks’ and that she was ‘born like it’.

Which kicked us off of a trawl of the internet to find old pictures of her.

What? We are a curious bunch, OK? And boy, did she used to look different!

She might look like Megan Fox NOW but back in the day it was a *bit* of a different story.

We hardly recognize the 31-year-old in these snaps taken back when she was trying her best to make it as an actress in Hollywood back in 2004.

Oh and we also found her yearbook photo from 1995:
Jasmine Waltz in her 1995 school yearbook. Copyright: [Splash]

And 1996:
Looking babyfaced in her yearbook. Copyright: [Splash]

However, back to her horrendous *ahem* sultry shoot from 2004:

Jasmine Waltz B.E.S: before eyebrow shaping. Copyright: [Splash]
Jasmine Waltz certainly looked different when she arrived for CBB.

This reminds us the importance of eyebrow shaping.

And is it just us or does Jasmine’s nose look a darn sight thinner? We are saying no more on the subject…

Then here is another one of Jasmine lying in some excellently fake grass:
Perhaps real grass was more hard to come by back in 2004? Copyright: [Splash]

And another one of Jasmine in probably what was the height of fashion back in the naughties:
Remember those tops?! Copyright: [Splash]
Not sure what's going on with Jasmine Waltz's pale face here.

In fact, she almost looks like the lost member of Atomic Kitten.

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