Caroline Flack goes for drinks with James Arthur, we suspect they are almost definitely snogging

We have reason to believe that Caroline Flack and James Arthur went on a date last night after they were spotted having drinks, and then leaving a London club separately.

Cazza and James leaving the club last night. Copyright: [wenn]

Leaving the club separately with matching sullen expressions is, as any good celeb stalker will know, a classic decoy technique.

To summarise: they are almost definitely snogging and may well get married.

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Rumours have been circulating round and round since the pair met during The X Factor however, it was believed they wanted to keep things on the D.L until after filming.

Well, now it's been ages since X Factor finished so surely they are free to snog as they please?

Almost definitely snogging. Copyright: [wenn]

Still, it would seem they are keen to keep things a secret and decided to turn up to and leave the club separately.

However, that really was all in vain as everyone knows that is one sneaky-celeb, surefire way of confirming you have something to hide.

Caroline and James try to keep things professional. Copyright [Rex]

Caroline's spokesperson has already said: "It's definitely not true and it won't be changing anytime soon."

So it's pretty much confirmed then.

Didn't Caroline initially deny her romance with former X Factor contestant and One Direction member Harry Styles way back when?

And look how that turned out.

Are we the only ones having Harry Styles deja-vu?

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