Cara Delevingne's white powder scandal raises eyebrows in Hollywood - and now 50 Cent wants to sign her to his record label - EXCLUSIVE

Cara Delevingne's white powder scandal might have jeopardised her future modelling career with H&M - but it seems to be having the opposite effect on her music career.

Cara Delevingne could be offered a record deal with 50 Cent's label, G-Unit Records. Copyright [Instagram / Cara …

The 20-year-old has caught the eye of 50 Cent, who's apparently desperate for the chance to sign and manage her.

A source exclusively told omg!: "She's becoming a big deal over here [US] and now she wants to launch her own music career.

"It's a good idea, people buy into her and she can make a lot of money. She has the personality and attitude - and that is half the battle with the music business."

Fiddy has already apparently started making noise about getting her signed to his label, G-Unit Records.

Cara Delevingne ignored the whole white powder scandal, which arose from this picture. Copyright [Splash]

He told our source: "If she wants to sign with me - I can make her one of the biggest stars in the world.

"Overnight I can have her working with Alicia Keys, Chris Brown and Snoop. If that's the direction she wants to go I can make us both a lot of money.

"Next time she's in New York I am going to try and set up a business dinner with her - because now is her time."

Cara has kept schtum about the scandal, despite H&M - who have a zero-tolerance approach to drugs - saying they were "investigating" the photos.

50 Cent has shown interest in signing Cara Delevingne, despite the white powder scandal.

Instead, she's been having a ball on Twitter after jetting off to Singapore to work with Karl Lagerfeld, tweeting various snaps from her trip.

She even revealed that she's on the look out for a new personal assistant - requesting that applicants must have a certain set of skills.

Cara tweeted: "I am searching for a new PA, these are the following criteria: Massage, Possible fondling when needed, Cooking, Cleaning, The ability to fly."

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