Cara Delevingne spotted dropping 'mystery white powder' outside her London home, world starts to worry

Cara Delevingne has sparked all sorts of concern after she was spotted dropping a small packet of 'mystery white powder' outside her home in London.
Cara Delevingne the night she was spotted with the mytery powder. Copyright: [Rex]
The Sun have photographs of the model scrambling in her handbag while the small, clear bag is clearly visible.

20-year-old Cara can be then be seen panicking to cover it up, first of all with her foot and then by grabbing it back into her handbag.

Well, perhaps it was just a teeny tiny bag of flour? Or maybe she is very particular about her sugar and always carried a spare packet?

The model had been out partying with her BFF Rita Ora at TheCara Delevingne was out partying with Rita Ora. Copyright: [Rex] Box just before the snaps were taken.

An onlooker told the paper: “She was trying to get inside her house, She said: "I've lost my keys guys"

“She was really giggly.”

'Cara's the biggest name in fashion right now. But she's also become a massive name on the party circuit', a worried pal told The Sun.

Cara is often compared to Kate Moss who was famously filmed snorting a line of what appeared to be cocaine back in 2005 during a Babyshambles recording session.

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