Cara Delevingne proves that models do eat, chows down on a tasty looking burger

She's one of the hottest names in modelling right now so it's nice to see that Cara Delevingne is more of a burger and fries than a green salad hold the dressing kind of gal.

Cara happily tucked into a burger. Copyright [Twitter/Cara Delevingne]

The beautiful model may be a size six but when it comes to eating, Cara certainly doesn't deprive herself.

In a recent twitpic taken of the model, Cara can be seen tucking into a cheeseburger which she later admitted she rather enjoyed.

On follower asked Cara 'was that burger nice?' to which she replied, 'was delicious!'

Cara Delevingne is currently the face of Burberry and made her Victoria's Secret modelling debut earlier this year.

Cara is the face of Burberry. Copyright [Wenn]

With Cara working in an industry that is based solely on looks, it would be easy for the model to feel pressured into staying slim.

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However, talking about her eating habits recently, Cara admitted that she is happy to eat in order to keep herself focused for the job in hand.

She said: "I need to eat a lot otherwise I feel faint. I get in the worst moods if I don't eat."

Well it's good to know she's being sensible about her eating habits.

Although we wouldn't recommend dining on Maccy D's every night of the week.

If there is anything Super Size Me told us it was that McDonalds should only ever be a treat.