Cara Delevingne gets another TWO tattoos, despite warnings from her modelling agency and complaints from Chanel - EXCLUSIVE

She might have only just cemented her reputation with the likes of Chanel and Burberry.

But it looks like Cara Delevingne's latest inkings have caused a stir with both fashion houses - as well her modelling agency - after the 21-year-old ignored warnings to stay away from the needle.

Cara Delevingne's new tattoo was visible during her latest photoshoot in London. Copyright [Rex]
Cara Delevingne has had another two tattoos, including the Southern Cross on her ear.

After her 'Made In England' tattoo on the base of her foot, Cara's agency warned her not to continue with her hobby if she wanted to continue working in high-end fashion.

But the supermodel has totally ignored the requests of her agency, getting TWO new tattoos - this time getting one under her breast and another behind her ear.

Brazilian tattoo artist, Daniel Tucci, exclusively told omg!'s source: "I drew a Number 12 in black Roman numerals about five centimetres big on her. 

"She told me that 12 is her lucky number and that’s her lucky place, below her breast. The 2nd tattoo is the Southern Cross, a constellation made of five stars, which is one of the symbols of Brazil.

Cara Delevingne has been warned by her modelling agency, Storm, to stop getting inkings. Copyright [Instagram]

"It's a cross made with stars around her ear, one star on the top of the ear, one behind, one on the back, one below and one on the tragus, like a circle around her ear."

And according to Daniel, Cara is still trying to keep the inkings top secret, by keeping the snaps away from Instagram and insisting she's not finished covering herself in designs yet.

He added: "I have a photo of it but she asked me not to post it on Instagram before she posts it, she wants to make a surprise of it.

"She loves tattoos and says she isn’t going to stop, she wants to be covered in tattoos."

Cara Delevingne completed her first tattoo on one of the tattoo parlour's staff members. Copyright [Instagram]

But Cara's new tatts are likely to cause backlash at Storm, her agency, with her agent, Sarah Doukas, apparently already receiving complaints from Chanel and Burberry.

A source at Storm told omg!: "Chanel have already expressed alarm at the quick succession of Cara's tattoos and Sarah has told her to call a halt to it.

"As far as they're aware, she has six, but no one is sure how many there really are. And with some of them in very visible positions, Chanel and Burberry have both expressed concern.

Cara Delevingne has six tattoos - that her modelling agency know of.

"She's also been told its not a good idea for Hollywood, where she has set her sights. But Cara doesn't like having her wings clipped and she reckons she can take it all in her stride."

Cara took her recent trip to Daniel's tattoo studio as an opportunity to give tattooing a shot on her own, inking her name on to one of the staff's legs.

Tweeting a snap of the wobbly design, Cara added: "Thank you Deborah! My second time giving a tattoo @daniel_tucci."

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