Cara Delevingne told to DUMP ‘low rent’ Harry Styles, have they not SEEN his Burberry trench?!

Remember when Harry Styles was dating the gorgeous Cara Delevingne? Well, we never really did find out how that whole thing ended, did we?

One Direction, Harry Styles, Cara DelevingneHarry Styles and Cara Delevingne dated back in August. [Copyright Wenn]

Hazza managed to distract us with a whole lot of Taylor Swift.

However, it turns out that Cara was reportedly told to DUMP Harry by her modelling agency.

Y'see, they reckoned that being seen to be dating a boy band member would not be too highly looked upon by the fash pack, just pretty much everyone else in the world.

Even if Harry does own a whole bunch of Burberry trench coats.

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A source told the Sunday People: “Storm just thought Harry was too down market, they didn’t think Cara should be dating a member of a boyband – it was all too low rent.”

“They hung out for a while but as far as they were concerned it was never going to go anywhere.”

However, we think this unfair - Harry drives a Range Rover for cripes sake - he is, like, WELL posh.

But the fash pack disagree, and Cara was forced to chose between Harry and her career.

The source explained: “Cara did like Harry but in all honesty she knew her career was more important and she wasn’t willing to let anything risk it."

Cara scooped Model of the Year at the British Fashion Awards. Copyright: [rex]

So Cara Delevigne dumped Harry and whether by coincidence or not, went on to win Model of the Year at this year's British Fashion Awards.

“Harry really wanted to be with her but she finished it just before he got with Taylor Swift,” the source added.

Just imagine how differently things COULD have turned out?

In theory, Harry could have carried on dating Cara, never met Taylor Swift and then we would have no Haylor to entertain us on a daily basis.

We would have, er, Carry instead?

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