Cameron Diaz defies age in latest photo shoot and admits her love of British men – Harry Styles, watch out!

Could Cameron Diaz be any more perfect? Not only does she look a lot younger than her 39 years, but she's also fallen for British men — but with the One Direction boys from the UK, who can blame her?

Clad in a plunging white swimsuit complete with Californian tan and beachy hair, Cameron Diaz paints a pretty picture in the June issue of Harper's Bazaar.

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Her super toned arms, legs and come to mention it, bum, are all on show as are her perfect cheek bones.

Cameron Diaz showed off her amazing figure in Harper's Bazaar

But the real focus on the interview is what words came out of her full pout and it's all praise for Brits.

The model-turned-actress spoke of her admiration for British men telling the magazine: "I love their sense of humour and the sense of chivalry and charm.

"It's something that is innately a part of the culture - we don't have that over here, it's not the same in America."

Cameron Diaz says Colin Firth is the ideal man /WENN

Someone better give her Harry Styles' number as Cam seems to like the tall, dark and handsome types citing Colin Firth as her ideal beau.

"[He] is the perfect Englishman. Just enough of the self-effacing to a point that it's comfortable for other people, but also totally charming and engaging to where he makes you feel special. He's got that British honesty.'

Aww, she seems smitten, it's a shame Colin is married!

Cameron Diaz stars on the cover of Harper's Bazaar

And Cameron Diaz didn't stop there, she went on to praise more of our culture saying: "I love London. I love the Brits, I always have. I have a weak spot for them.

"I grew up on Monty Python. I love Little Britain. My grandfather used to watch Benny Hill all the time."

That would explain her brilliant comic timing then!

And to add yet more perfectness to her persona, the A-lister posed for another shot dressed in just a white silk shirt and trilby looking effortlessly sexy.

Cam, we're not sure we could love you more.