Caggie Dunlop and Millie Mackintosh just as pretty before they were famous. It’s not fair!

This snap of Made in Chelsea's Caggie and Millie makes us wel jel, what a pair of natural beauties!

Caggie and Millie when they were 18. Copyright: [twitter/caggiedunlop]

We like to think that celebs only look great all the time because they probably have 18 personal stylists, a hairdresser, make-up artist and a nail technician on hand 24 hour a day.

But it would seem the pair were just as lovely prior to the 18 personal stylists. Honestly, how is it fair?

Proof that they are not just all hair straighteners and eye liner, Caggie tweeted this pic of the pair super fresh faced taken when the pair were just 18.

What a couple of hotties!

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Years before the Made in Chelsea mayhem began and Millie was voted the 15th sexiest woman in the whole world.

So yep, when they were mere mortals like us.

Caggie tweeted the pic along with the message: 'memory lane! me and mac at 18.'

Just as fit now. Copyright: [wenn]

The pair are now both the grand old age of 22. Until tomorrow that is, when Millie will be celebrating her 23rd birthday.

We do hope that her boyf Professor Green has bought her something nice.

We wish our boyfriend was a rapper, we would totes get him to rap Happy Birthday.