Caggie Dunlop makes cameo in Lonsdale Boys Club’s video, makes us want a holiday

When Caggie Dunlop decided to leave Made in Chelsea to pursue music opportunities, she certainly meant it.

Caggie Dunlop in the Lonsdale Boys Club videoCaggie Dunlop in the Lonsdale Boys Club video. Copyright [PR image]Alongside her own solo career, Caggie Dunlop has also been hanging out with other musicians, like Lonsdale Boys Club, and even starring in their videos.

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Caggie Dunlop has made an appearance in the video for Lonsdale Boys Club debut single, Ready To Go, and the whole thing screams summer.

Caggie Dunlop in the Lonsdale Boys ClubCaggie Dunlop looks the image of summer in the video. Copyright [PR Image]In fact, Caggie's wavy blonde hair and makeup-free face, as well as the beach setting and the sun have all made us desperately want a holiday.

And that's before we've got round to gawping at the half-naked men in the video. Caggie is one lucky girl.

Caggie DunlopCaggie Dunlop and the band. Copyright [PR image]Caggie recently revealed that when it comes to starting her own music career, her time on Made in Chelsea has both helped and hindered her.

She said: "It's definitely a double-edged sword. It's given me a platform in the sense that there is a following. But the music industry they like to discover people, and as I'm already a bit exposed in the way I have been, that can be kind of the turn-off."

Lonsdale Boys Club video will be released tomorrow

Their single Ready To Go is released on 3rd September