Caggie Dunlop stars in silent movie, keeps schtum about Harry Styles rumours

We were rather surprised at the rumours that Caggie Dunlop was dating Harry Styles.

Caggie Dunlop in a silent movie, The WalkCaggie Dunlop has ignored the Harry Styles dating rumours. Copyright [WENN]However, former Made in Chelsea star Caggie Dunlop has chosen to literally keep quiet about the Harry Styles dating rumours, by starring in a silent movie.

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Caggie Dunlop looks utterly gorgeous in the new Impulse silent movie, The Walk, so if the Harry Styles rumours are true, we can totes see why he'd have gone for her.

In the film, Caggie goes for a walk through London, leaving numerous men transfixed in her wake.


The Made in Chelsea star looks amazing in a black and white stripy top, teamed with a black skirt. Her blonde hair is slightly wavy and held back with a thick black headband.

The film comes just as rumours are rife that Caggie is dating One Direction's Harry Styles.

Caggie Dunlop in silent movie, The WalkCaggie Dunlop looks gorgeous in the film. Copyright [WENN]Apparently, despite hooking up last year, after seeing each other again at a recent party, the pair have been in constant contact the pair have been in constant contact.

A source said: "It was obvious Harry had a bit of a thing for Caggie because he started tweeting her before they had ever even met."

"And when they actually saw each other in person they hit it off straight away. There was obviously real ­chemistry between them."

We reckon after seeing Caggie's silent film, Harry will fancy her even more...