Buff blokes, ice cream and Kelly Brook: the perfect night out?

Last night we popped along to Kelly Brook's launch of Magnum's Pleasure Pod where we were greeted with as much ice cream and champagne as our little hearts' desired.

It's official: Kelly Brook loves a Magnum! Copyright: [rex]

Kelly Brook was in charge of proceeding and was looking amazing as per usual. We don't think she knows how to look anything else tbh.

However, we are not sure the FOUR security guards were exactly necessary although, they did look pretty chuffed with their job for the day!

Two would have done, surely?! Copyright: [omg!]

We were momentarily dazed by her gorgeousness and huge eyelashes, but can confirm that she did, in fact, eat a Magnum. Actually we think we spied her having a couple.

Kelly tucks in! Copyright: [rex]

Kelly even ventured into the Pleasure Pod, a thing that looks a lot like an old-school simulator which used to be in arcades but they insist is something to do with ice cream.

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Basically you get chucked in, hooked up to a heart monitor as you chomp on a Magnum and the clever machine reads your heart rate which presumably goes up  as you take in the chocolatey goodness.

Or think of the fit waiters. But we will get onto those in a bit.

You can even watch your own heartbeat as they kindly project it onto the wall in the pod.

Once we escaped the pod, a ridiculous amount of champagne was had, poured by some of the buffest waiters, or 'Pleasure Givers' as they were called, we think we have ever seen.

We. Love. Our. Job. Copyright: [omg!]

We wish they made them like that at Nandos. We reckon Kelly must have had a say in who was pouring the champers!

We think we ended up spending more time drooling over the waiters, *ahem* Pleasure Givers, than the ice cream.

Although we did make sure we made some time for the ice cream after we were invited to design our very own Magnums. Which we did. Twice.

We went with dark chocolate and chilli but ended up dropping a flake of chilli into our champagne flute so spent most of the night trying to hook it out. Awkward.

We also had a chat with V.V Brown who we met the day earlier at the premiere of Dark Knight Rises.

Can we take home a Magnum boy too?! Copyright: [omg!]

Turns out her boyfriend was one of the fit Magnum boys! Coincidence or what?