BRITs 2013: Harry Styles and Taylor Swift to be kept apart before performances, AWKS

We're VERY excited for the BRITs tonight. However, as much as we're looking forward to the red carpet and performances, what we're MOST looking forward to seeing is the awkward reunion between Harry Styles and Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles are being kept apart at tonight's BRITs. Copyright [WENN]However, if we thought that we'd get to see Harry Styles and Taylor Swift within a few metres of each other at tonight's BRITs, we were massively wrong.

Apparently, security are on high alert and have been instructed to keep Harry and Taylor FAR apart tonight before they take to the stage to perform at the BRITs.


Harry Styles and Taylor Swift in happier times. Copyright [Splash]A BRITs insider has told the Mail Online: "No one wants anything awkward to happen. Taylor and Harry are definitely being kept well apart."

"Taylor is near Robbie [Williams], Justin Timberlake, Mumford & Sons and James Corden in one area- Harry is down a different corridor with an extra-large room for himself and the other 1D lads."

Taylor Swift mocked Harry Styles during her Grammys performance. Copyright [Rex]And during rehearsals earlier in the week, BRIT organisers made sure that the pair were scheduled on different days.

However, they can try to avoid each other as much as they want, but they WILL come face to face when they do their respective performances.

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Harry Styles will have his One Direction chums on stage with him, and none of their songs relate to Taylor.

One Direction are performing at the BRITs as well as Taylor Swift. Copyright [Splash]

Taylor Swift, however, is likely to perform either We are Never Ever Getting Back Together or I Knew You Were Trouble - both of which could EASILY be about Hazza.

And given that she put on a fake British accent to mock Harry during her Grammys performance, we reckon this could make for one heck of an awkward evening.