BRITs 2013 backstage gossip EXCLUSIVE: Taylor Swift bumps into Harry Styles, Zayn Malik's in a rush, Jourdan Dunn treats herself, Caroline Flack goes home

As if Harry Styles bumping into ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift backstage at the BRITs 2013 isn't enough, we've got a round-up of all of the gossip from behind the scenes.

BRITs 2013: Taylor Swift and her band's dressing room were both a short walk from the BRIT Spa. [Copyright omg …

After sneaking backstage behind Taylor's entourage, omg! made our way through the dressing room corridor and into the Artists' Lounge to do some s'leb spotting.

The first person we spied was a very unhappy-looking Zayn Malik - who came marching down the hallway, flanked by the biggest security guard EVER - having a stern word with someone on his phone.

He waited for a cab alone, with Perrie Edwards no where in sight and Rita Ora waiting close by.

Zayn was followed by Harry Styles, who was chatting with Ben Howard before accidentally bumping into ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift outside her dressing room, which was miles away from 1D's dressing room (who got the biggest room).

Harry Styles chatted to friends and backstage after the show. Copyright [omg!]

Taylor was busy chatting with James Corden and Mumford & Sons for ages before changing quickly into her afterparty dress and disappearing into the night.

Harry chatted with pals (and was surrounded by women) for a few minutes before helping make-up artist Lou Teasdale with her massive suitcase.

The pair managed to get lost and walked behind the actual stage instead of out the exit.

Mark Wright and Keith Lemon both walked away with goody bags, while their fellow table guest Caroline Flack went home early.

Jourdan Dunn was a little worse for wear before she headed on to the stage to present Frank Ocean's award with Rafe Spall, asking Rafe if he had started drinking yet to make her feel better.

Taylor Swift heading backstage the second the show finished. Copyright [omg!]

She opened the winners' envelope about five minutes beforehand and was warned by producers to keep it to herself, while her publicist asked her if she was sure she didn't need a glass of water.

We later spotted her carrying several goody bags after hitting the BRIT Spa backstage, she was trying to talk her pals into continuing the party with her.

Louis Smith caught the eye of two of the production staff, who spent a few minutes plucking up the courage to ask for a picture with him as he chatted to pals.

We played Operation in the backstage area. Copyright [omg!]

We also spotted plates of uneaten macaroons in the BRIT Spa, while our cameraman spied a caterer munching on a celeb's uneaten macaroon as they cleared the tables.

There were signs on the walls that read, 'What happens backstage, stays backstage'.

Oh, and we also saw a half-eaten plate of dinner outside Ben Howard's dressing room.

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Backstage at the BRITs: One Direction's Zayn Malik and model Alexa Chung looked like they were having a laugh together. Copyright [Instagram/ZaynMalik]

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