Brits 2013: Harry Styles waves at ex-girlfriend Caroline Flack as she dances in her seat to One Direction

When we heard Caroline Flack had food poisoning ahead of the Brit Awards 2013, we were a little bit worried she might do an Eddie Redmayne and vom backstage.

Harry waved to ex-girlfriend Caroline Flack on stage at the Brits. Copyright [PA]

But it turns out that the Xtra Factor presenter is feeling MUCH better after we spotted her at the Brits 2013 tonight DANCING to One Direction.

You might have thought there'd be a bad blood between her and ex-boyfriend Harry Styles but it seems like things are all good between them after she bopped in her seat to the lads' Comic Relief song 'One Way Or Another'.

And not only did we see Cazza appreciate Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn, we ALSO saw Harry giving his ex a bit of loving.

omg! witnesssed Harry WAVING at her from on stage. Yes really.

Caroline Flack was dancing to One Direction. Copyright [Rex]

Meanwhile in more Caroline Flack/Harry Styles/Brit Awards news, we ALSO spied Taylor Swift pointing at Caroline during her song 'Trouble'.

The American country star, who was together with Harry AFTER Caroline sang the line: "You never loved me...or her..." and pointed at Cazza!

We didn't see the expression on the Brit's face but we REALLY wish we had.

Poor Harry Styles was pretty much the butt of every gag tonight too.

James Corden chatted to Harry Styles straight after Taylor Swift had come off stage after presenting the Best British Female BRIT Award.

James, in clear reference to Harry's relationship with cougar Caroline Flack, asked Harry Styles: "Sharon Osbourne's here, Annie Lennox is here, who've you got your eye on?"

Harry Styles looked embarrassed before hiding his face behind a magazine.

However, the digs didn't stop there.

James Corden then had to introduce Harry Styles' BFF Nick Grimshaw to present an award.

He said: "It's the guy who bought Harry Styles a stripper for his 19th birthday. It was the first time Harry had seen a woman fully clothed for at least a minute."

Ooooh, burn.

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BRITs 2013: One Direction looked very dapper in their co-ordinating outfits. Copyright [PA]
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