Brits 2013: Delilah says she'll swap dress for joggers and trainers a la Kristen Stewart

The BRIT Awards 2013 are fast approaching (SCREAM) and it's that time when the celebs are meticulously planning their outfits.

Delilah says she's going to swap her dress for comfy clothes at the BRITs. Copyright [Rex]

We spoke to hot British singer Delilah who told us that she might throw a curved ball into the ceremony by swapping her glamourous togs for a more casual attire.

The 22-year-old revealed she may well be making a quick change at the ceremony a la Kristen Stewart.

She said: "[I'm going to wear] something quite glamourous I think. But I might change because I do believe in being comfy so maybe something glamorous and then I’ll be in my jogging pants."

"I never usually do that, I tend to stick with whatever I leave the house in but maybe a little bit of a glamourous change.

She joked: "I'll have my jogging bottoms on under the table and a top version of a dress on top."

Delilah is hotly tipped to be nominated at this year's BRITs. Copyright [Rex]

Asked if she's the type of girl to carry a pair of flats in her bag she told us: "I'm always happy to have my trainers in my bag but I tend to love a good heel. I've got used to them."

But Delilah told us she's drawn the line at coming out in her onesie. She said: "It won't be a onesie. They're not that practical when you're out in public. You've got to take your whole outfit off to do anything."

Yes it's quite the hassle in the bathroom.

And she revealed she's a big fan of partying without make-up, as was the case when she was papped out with fellow artist Wretch 32.

She said: "I was in my flats and no make-up. I don’t really go out often too glamourous. I go out to have a dance with friends, I just was really casual and they were all outside. It must have been a really boring week in the news."

And she denied anything romantic is going on with Wretch, who she has collaborated with.

She told us: "We’re just great friends. He almost just got hit by a car [of paps] so I looked like a stern mummy. I'm getting use to [being photographed]. It doesn’t stop me going out in no make-up."

Delilah, whose debut album From The Roots Up, reached number 5 in the charts this year, is hotly tipped to be nominated when the announcements are made on Thursday night.

But the Londoner told us she's not counting her chickens yet. She said: "I’m not over-thinking it. I hope I get nominated it would be amazing to be recognized for lots of hard work and this incredible journey I’ve been going on but at the same time I don’t want to be disappointed so I’m just going to see what happens."

British singer Delilah has worn some amazing dresses in the past. Copyright [Rex]

Either way, she'll be attending the much-awaited ceremony as she's joined up with official sponsors MasterCard for this year's Something For The Fans competition.

She said: "It’s an amazing experience. The fan basically get the opportunity to re-shoot one of my videos. [To win] They have to film themselves recording one of three songs on my record and then we judge and it we chose someone who gets to remake 'Go'.

"They get to shoot the video with the full works. The full crew, hair and make-up. It’s the real deal and a really fun experience."

One lucky fan will get to be Delilah for the day.

Delilah, Conor Maynard and Rita Ora are giving fans the chance to remake one of their music videos with MasterCard and meet them at The Brit Awards. Enter at