Britney Spears styled as TULISA for Scream and Shout remix video? AWKWARD

Is it just us or does it look like Britney Spears has been taking style tips from a certain X Factor judge in the new video for a Scream and Shout remix?

Tulisa much? Copyright: [Britney Spears]

Now, normally this wouldn't be a problem - imitation is the best form of flattery and all that - but in this case we smell a bit of a fashion statement...

Y'see, Tulisa is currently embroiled in a bit of a legal battle with saying that she wrote Scream and Shout and was intended to sing Britney's part.

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Yes, that does explain the weird British accent somewhat.

The song is credited to, Jef Martens and Jean Baptiste, however Tulisa maintains that she co-wrote the lyrics.

Tulisa says SHE wrote Scream and Shout. Copyright: [rex]

Tulisa says she is entitled to royalities and is currently suing for a slice of the track's £2million earnings.

So we reckon dressing up like Tulisa in the video is a bit of a salt and wounds situation.

Salt and wounds springs to mind. Copyright: [Britney Spears]

Blonde high ponytail, trackies and piles of gold chains... we're definitely not imagining things. Well, unless Brit was chanelling Vicky Pollard.