Britney Spears shows off her bikini bod, we drool

Britney Spears looked fab as she showed off her bikini bod on her Pinterest page.

Britney looked bikini perfect. Copyright: [Pinterest/Britney Spears]

Britney works hard (on her abs mainly, it would seem), so why shouldn't she play hard?

That's not to say we are not proper jealous.

We would give pretty much anything to be on a beach right now, or just somewhere that isn't a 32 degree office.

Britney has been busy judging X Factor USA. Copyright: [rex]

We think we would even swap a date with Harry Styles to lay on a beach somewhere.

No wonder Brit looks so happy!

In the pic Britney can be seen running her fingers through her blonde hair, looking pretty much totally carefree.

Plus, we love her white bandeau bikini.

She posted the snap with the message: 'Y'all ready for summer to end? I'm definitely not!'

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To which we would like to reply:

Thank you very much for your concern Britney, in response: we will gladly carry on with summer it involves a pool and a cocktail.

However, when we are on the tube unsticking our skirt from our legs, we would rather it end now.

We complain when it's hot, we complain when it's cold, just what are we like?!

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