Britney Spears puts on bizarre British accent in's new single Scream and Shout - LISTEN!

There's been a lot of talk of footballer Joey Barton's odd French accent this week (seriously, the video is hilarious so watch it if you haven't already).

And now Britney Spears is joining the weird voice club after she appears on's new track putting on a bizarre British accent.

The X Factor judge, who features on the US star's new single 'Scream and Shout', doesn't sound like herself at all as she's heard mimicking a posh Brit (rather than herself Brit).

She sings: "When you hear this in the club, you gonna turn this s*** up, you gonna turn this s*** up."

Have a listen - as there's something very odd about her pronunciation of the world CLUB.

Britney goes on to sing: "When we open the club, all lies on us. See the boys in the club, they watching us. Everybody in the club all eyes on us."

All with the rather bizarre British twang.

It's not the first time Brit has mimicked us lot this side of the pond. Back in 2008 she was caught on video trading her Louisiana twang for a British one instead.

Apparently she also once screamed a pap "Get out of my face" in a British voice - at the time credited to her maternal grandmother who was originally from England. Hmm.
Despite the English twang we LOVE the song, which premiered on last night's US X Factor and is released here in the UK on January 7 through Interscope Records.

The catchy dance track, which features on's new album #willpower, is produced by Lazy Kay and the video was directed by Ben Mor.

And if you hadn't noticed already, Britney looks absolutely AMAZING in it.

All vamped up in leather, showing off her abs in a cropped top and with outstandingly well backcombed hair, the singer looks back to her very best.

Writhing around sexily, she laters appears in a tiny feathered dress which shows off just how hot her body is at the moment.

Meanwhile will doesn't scrub up too badly himself - donning a killer array of accessories, including a King hat, a mean pair of specs and a cool camera necklace.