Britney Spears lap danced for Joe Jonas on stage last night *UNCOMFORTABLE*

The London leg of Britney Spears' Femme Fatale came to an end last night and the singer wasn't afraid to go out with a rather sexy storm.

Britney spears and joe jonas

During the 'Lace and Leather' routine the pop princess usually invites one member of the audience to erm, enjoy a little personal and very public dance.

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While Britney and her dancers teased the crowd, saying: "Who should come on stage with me?" screaming and pleading fans at the very front were crying out with their arms stretched out.

Even omg! was jumping up and down trying to get noticed by Britney, but last night the star wanted a familiar face next to her.

Joe Jonas who has been supporting the star on tour was selected and the dark-haired hottie climbed up onto the stage. He was handcuffed to a poll and tension mounted.

Joe jonas and britney spearsUncomfortable moment? Joe didn't look too confident about his lap dance /WENN

Britney, clad in a skimpy black and pink leotard, wrapped a feather boa around Joe's neck and began to rev up her routine. *BLUSHES*

Britney straddled the singer's shoulders, bent all the way down in front of him while the camera zoomed in on poor Joe's face magnifying his every expression on the big screen.

The former Jonas Brothers member didn't know where to look or what to do! And frankly neither did omg!

The whole of Wembley Stadium played witness the spectacle as did our Twitter competition winner @drewwpy who joined Britney on stage last night but we think thankfully in a less dramatic way.

@drewwpy told us:

"Last night went amazingly good, thank you sooo much for the chance to do that!

"During 'Boys' we waited at the front of the stage where Brit was right in our faces… she invited us on stage and smiled at me as soon as I went up, it was so surreal, but the best thing ever, she's so beautiful in person!"

That she is! Although we reckon Joe Jonas saw a bit too much of her 'beauty' last night. *TE HE HE*