Britain’s Next Top Model’s Danielle: Whitney Port didn’t say much, we needed more guidance

Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model is back on our screens but this time it has a American twist with a strong sprinkle of celebrity in the form of new judges Whitney Port and Tyson Beckford but their arrival may not necessarily be a good thing…

britain's next top modelWhitney Port wasn't as hands on as Danielle Steven wanted. Copyright [Getty, Sky Living]

Last night saw Scottish stunner, Danielle Steven be the first girl evicted from the show and she spoke to omg! about how The Hills star fared as a judge.

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Danielle told us: "I didn't get the chance to speak to Whitney Port much one-one-one, and she didn't say too much on the shoot she mentored with Tyson.

britians next top modelTop Model contestants, Roxanne, Danielle, Louisa and Madeleine. Copyright [Sky Living]

On the topic of hot male model Tyson Beckford, we got the impression that Danielle felt a little let down, adding:

"Tyson was helpful on the shoot and helped to calm my nerves - it would have been good to get a little more guidance from the judges overall I think.

"I posed in a group shot [the girls donned bikinis for a photo shoot in Dubai] so we didn't have time with Whitney by ourselves."

britain's next top modelTop Models Diona, Emma and Kellie. Copyright [Sky Living]

But that's where the negativity ended as Danielle steered clear of any bitchiness some might associate with a show like this.

The wannabe model dubbed Whitney as stylish and was somewhat self deprecating, and explained her exit in a fair way:

"It was the first shoot I'd ever done, so I really didn't know what I was doing. For my first ever one to be in a bikini, it was a bit scary, especially as I was standing inbetween Louisa and Roxanne, the two skinniest girls in the group!  That didn't do much for my confidence."

britain's next top modelTop Models Anita, Rissikat and Emma. Copyright [Sky Living]

Yes, even models have hang ups! So how does Danielle think celebrities cope with being papped in bikinis?

"They have the confidence," Danielle told us. "It just shows they are comfortable with their bodies, and that is the main thing.

That is a mantra we all need to follow!

#BINTM — questions we ask every contestant

Week 1: Danielle Steven

Who should win the competition?
Letitia has a great chance!  I would love Lisa to win though, she's amazing.  She gorgeous, and has a great look.

Who should have gone instead of you?
Nobody, most of the other girls are more experienced with modeling than I am and I think that showed.  I would have liked to have been given the opportunity to progress though.

Who were you closest to in the group?
Lisa and Diona — they're both such lovely girls.

Who was the hardest girl to work?
They were all genuinely lovely!  I was a bit worried before the competition that there would be bitchiness between all the girls, as there seems to have been in past years, but honestly all the girls were great, I got on with everyone.

Which judge did you click with?
When Elle first came into the room in the catwalk challenge, it was so odd to see her there, in real life — I think I might have been a bit star struck!

What was your biggest omg! moment of the competition?
Being told we were going to Dubai!  That was crazy. So unexpected — I thought I'd be going home again that day.  And that nobody had to leave that day, which we were all thinking would happen.

Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model is on Mondays at 9pm on Sky Living