Britain’s Got Talent: Forget X Factor’s One Direction, BGT set to discover next big girl band called B Minor

X Factor may be responsible for discovering the likes of One Direction and JLS, but it'll be its sister show, Britain's Got Talent that will be famed for finding the best girl group to date.

In an event that will no doubt see last year's X Factor Little Mix quaking in their patent ankle boots, tonight's Britain's Got Talent introduces the UK to a new girl group called B Minor.

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In the last of the BGT auditions, B Minor will be seen taking to the stage to perform and they certainly wowed the judges.

Will B Minor be the UK's next big girl band?

The four piece includes girls aged 13-14 from Manchester, Wigan, Cheshire and Bury who dressed in clashing primary colours.

But is appears their vocals blend better than their wardrobes as Simon Cowell praised the girls saying: "Very good"

BGT's act B Minor wowed the judges

David Walliams backed him up adding: "I think you could be a very big girl band."

But it was former girl group member Alesha Dixon who really took a shining to B Minor, who said: "You are the best girl group we have seen so far."

Wow, high praise indeed!

While the girls soaked up the praise, another auditionee, Malakai Paul was reduced to tears.

The 9-year-old from North London began belting out Listen by Beyonce but stopped and cried.

Malakai Paul breaks down on his audition aired on BGT tonight

After his mum and Alesha went on stage and asked if he wanted to continue, Malakai carried on and it was a good thing he did.

He received a standing ovation from the audience with Simon saying:

"I've got to tell you, what I like about you; you're brave, you know you, you got off to a bad start but you picked yourself up and people are going to like you a lot."

And Alesha was one of those people who added: "Malakai, it's very, very simple, you are a star. It's a natural raw talent, that's what we are looking for. That was amazing sweetheart."

Tune in tonight to see the full show