Britain’s Got Talent: Amanda Holden vs. Alesha Dixon: auditions Day Four FASH OFF!

Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden both looked absolutely fab arriving at the London Palladium for Day Four of the Britain's Got Talent auditions.

Both the ladies are looking HOT as per! Copyright: [rex]

But the question is, who rocked their look the hardest? Above you have the outfits (yep, look there they are!), now you have the decision.

Amanda or Alesha? GO!

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When we got the chance to meet both the judges (both looking fab) at the London auditions on Sunday we decided to ask them just what they make of the whole inevitable fash-off.

Well, put two ladies in gorgeous dresses next to each other and it just HAS to happen, it's like fashion law or something.

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However, Amanda reckons that she and Alesha aren't competitive and rather try to compliment each other with their very different styles.

Asked what she makes of the inevitable fash-off Amanda told omg!: "We just let the people talk but never pay any attention."

"I never read any press when I do this job, so I can just pretend none of it's happening!"

While Alesha says: "It's fine, we have good fun with it - our stylists are good friends and we always check in with each other!"

"We try to compliment each other and then let the public decide what they like the best. I think both of us know our styles appeal to different people and that's a good thing."

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And we reckon they have done just that, all while both looking equally amazing.

And yes Amanda, you do get a big tick from us!