Britain’s Got Talent: Alesha Dixon vs. Amanda Holden: Glasgow auditions FASH OFF!

Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon are two very stylish ladies, so it's only natural that whenever they step out together we can't help but call a bit of a FASH OFF!

For us, this round has to go to Alesha Dixon. Copyright: [rex]

*ding ding*

So the question is, which Britain's Got Talent judge gets YOUR vote?

For us, it just has to be Alesha Dixon on this occasion.

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Stepping out in tartan when in Scotland is super cute and stylish and we are pretty much in love with her cosy look.

However, while we normally love Amanda Holden's style, we have to admit we just aren't too crazy about those HUGE trousers.

It looks like Mands might take flight any minute...

Who gets your vote? Copyright: [rex]

And we can say that without the risk of her having a little cry or coming to beat us up because we know for a fact she won't be reading this.

Catching up with both ladies at the London auditions, we asked them what they make of the annual inevitable fash off.

Amanda reckons that she and Alesha aren't competitive and rather try to compliment each other with their very different styles.

Amanda told omg!: "We just let the people talk but never pay any attention."

"I never read any press when I do this job, so I can just pretend none of it's happening!"

While Alesha says: "It's fine, we have good fun with it - our stylists are good friends and we always check in with each other!"

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"We try to compliment each other and then let the public decide what they like the best. I think both of us know our styles appeal to different people and that's a good thing."