Britain’s Got Talent 2012: Simon Cowell ‘won’t bother’ watching The Voice

Britain's Got Talent and The Voice go head to head this weekend, but Simon Cowell has revealed he doesn't think people should bother watching The Voice.

Speaking at the Britain's Got Talent press launch yesterday, Simon Cowell said: "I'll probably watch about five minutes of The Voice. Not the whole thing. I wouldn't bother watching it."

Ooh, fighting talk.

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He went on to reveal that he believes the BBC commissioned The Voice to directly threaten The X Factor.

"The Voice was 100% supposed to be a show to compete with The X Factor. My theory is they don't like that the X Factor is successful, and they have every right to compete with us.

"But if you ask the BBC: 'Do we need another singing talent show, I would query whether you do or not."

Britain's Got Talent's new judging line-up / ITV

Simon continued to suggest that any rivalry between Britain's Got Talent and The Voice has been created by the BBC.

"They've got to get their sense of humour back. They're winding it up to try and be like this big battle. It's not. The shows go out at the same time. May the better one win," he said.

Simon continued: "When you get to the point where you mess around with the schedules and affect the viewers when you go head to head, that to me is silly rivalry."

So how does he defend his decision to deliberately poach Alesha Dixon from the BBC?

"It was all a bit of fun to be honest with you," Simon said. "I'd approached Alesha some time ago and we couldn't quite get past the finishing post. Once we'd decided to have four people on the panel I thought I would love to have Alesha join the show.

"Because The Voice was commissioned to rival The X Factor, I thought: 'Great, we'll nick Alesha.' I have every right to arm ourselves so that we're in a good place to beat them."

The Voice UK's judges / BBC

However, The Voice coaches Jessie J, Danny O'Donoughue, Tom Jones and have consistently reiterated the fact that their show will be more credible than Britain's Got Talent.

But Alesha Dixon and David Walliams disagree. "The only thing credible is success," said Alesha.

David agreed: "One of the biggest talents to come out of these shows is Susan Boyle and she's sold 25 — 30 million albums. I think that speaks for itself."

We guess we'll just have to sit tight and wait for those ratings to come in.