Britain’s Got Talent 2012 proves it’s all about the performance too, throws down gauntlet to The Voice

Britain's Got Talent and The Voice UK went up against each other on Saturday night with their opening shows, and BGT proved it's just as focused on the talent and not the look as its competitor.

The stand out performance came right at the end of the show, when a singing duo took to the stage.

Simon Cowell was clearly not expecting much from Charlotte and Jonathan, probably due to first appearances, but when the pop and opera duo opened their mouths Simon changed his tune.

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Jonathan revealed: "I've always had a problem with my size," and the teasing since primary school "damaged my confidence".

Charlotte admitted how protective she is of her BFF, and Jonathan bigged up his pal for her support.

Jonathan and Charlotte wowed the judges / ITV

Jonathan won plaudits for his amazing voice, even being compared to Pavarotti: both 'Pavarotti' and 'Charlotte and Jonathan' sprang to the top of Twitter trends.

David Walliams called them "incredible" while Alesha Dixon said: "It's not very often that that happens, that you can move an audience like that - You sing beautifully together. It was world class."

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Simon said he was worried whether Charlotte would hold him back, but Jonathan was having none of it, explain they'd come on as a duo and were going to stay that way. They got through, of course.

Comparisons with Susan Boyle and Paul Potts flooded Twitter, with their names being top trends too.

The Sugar Dandies ballroom danced their way into the judges' hearts / ITV

Another act which surprised Simon was Sugar Dandies, Soran and Bradley the ballroom dancers.

The couple, who've been married for five years, performed a beautiful dance to Westlife's 'You Raise Me Up' and led to banter between Simon and David about them dancing together at the wrap party. LOL.

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Alesha "fell in love" with them and their love story, while David found it "really truly moving" and Amanda praised it as a "really courageous piece" she found "absolutely beautiful and inspiring."

Simon and David's bromance had us giggling through the show, with David clearly loving flirting with the head judge, even kneeling down and kissing his hand backstage at one point.

In the press conference, Simon said David reminded him of a pet dog he used to have when he was younger that used to hump his leg and in the end he just let the dog get on with it. Ha!

Dennis and his wings got props from the judges, even though one did collapse / ITV

We have to admit even we were surprised when 43-year-old Dennis went through. He didn't get off to a good start, getting booed by the audience when he revealed he was German.

However, his bizarre act to Evanescence's 'Wake Me Up Inside' (which ended with him spreading his humungous wings) got the audience and the judges on side, even though one wing collapsed!

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Simon said it was "arguably one of the craziest things, I have ever, ever seen in my life" and called Dennis "barking mad". However, he voted him through.

Alesha liked his gold shower cap and David loved the performance.

Sam Kelly got the judges welling up / ITV

Sam Kelly, the 19-year-old student from Norfolk from a farming family, got the judges welling up with his amazing voice and acoustic guitar rendition of Bob Dylan/Adele's 'Make You Feel My Love.'

He had three ingredients that made us melt: 1) he was super hot 2) really modest 3) so talented.

Sam moved Amanda and Alesha to tears and maybe even Simon got dewy eyed. Bless.

We weren't surprised to see him go through, but we were surprised to see BGT throw the gauntlet down to The Voice in such a way.

The fact that they put contestants through based on their ability and regardless of looks is surely their way of showing their BBC rival that they're just as focused on talent as them.

Let the battle continue.